12 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is the medicine of life. Our body is mainly of water, ranging from 60%-80%,

•    Heart 73%

•    Brain 73%

•    Lungs 83%

•    Muscles 79%

•    Kidneys 79%

•    Skin 64%

•    Bones 31%

Even the world is 70% water. Nearly all the surviving species on earth are mostly made from water. Regardless of atmosphere, water is the main nutrient that people need to give their best. You must drink lots of water to prosper. Water nourishes our cells, flushes our organs, and gives us energy.

First Thing in the Morning

The very first thing your body requires is water, not food for those who have slept for 8 hours! For a lot people, we reach for a coffee or food rather than water. This can be a recipe for catastrophe. The word Breakfast itself speaks for itself, meaning break fast that you had been doing for 8 hours. Bacon and eggs are not the best way to break your fast. The best way to break from this ‘dry’ fast is to consume lots and lots of water. Even fruit juice isn’t the best option when compared to water. Water, water and loads of water is the best option to kick start your day. Maybe you can add a bit of fresh lemon juice to feed your taste bud.

Benefits of Drinking Water

Here are a few of the condition that are reduced by drinking water

•    Diabetes

•    Diarrhoea

•    Gastritis

•    Headache

•    Arthritis

•    Bronchitis

•    Constipation

Benefits of Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach

1. Bowel Movements

By drinking plenty of water on an empty stomach, or when we wake, we encourage waste removal and lubricate our intestinal tract. You happen to be prone to visit the toilet as an outcome of the hydrating boost the body has been given by you.

2. Removes Toxins

Yellow pee? Wonder why? This is because you are forcing out water chemical in your urine. Drinking lots and lots of water on an empty stomach, your body is able to only focus on removing waste from your body. 

Suffering from Urinary Tract Infection (UTIs)? Drinking lots of water can help you fight this.

3. Feel less Hunger

Reach for the water first instead of food every morning. Dehydration is mistaken for hunger. All you need is water first and then food. If you’re in the journey of losing weight, then water can be your best friend. It helps you burn calories.

4. Prevents Headaches

Among the primary symptoms of dehydration is a headache. Beginning your day with lots of water on an empty stomach is an ideal way to start your day and prevent headaches.

5. Boosts your Metabolism

You can certainly give a metabolic increase to yourself by drinking water. When you drink water, your metabolism increases by up to 30%. That is particularly true when you get it done on an empty stomach. Finally, this results in better and faster digestion which ends in fat loss in the future if you’re aiming to lose few pounds.

6. More Energy

Drinking water simulates your RBC (Red Blood Cells). Their count will grow, and this is going to lead to more oxygen being transported to the brain, which then will raise energy and alertness.

7. Aids in Weight Loss

Drinking water helps you to lose more weight in the event you happen to be on a diet. Drinking water on an empty stomach makes it possible to reduce bloating and feel full. Also, it raises your metabolism so that you burn calories more quickly.

Drinking water on an empty stomach is among the top strategies you’ll be able to use when you’re on an eating plan.

8. Improves Complexion

Poor skin can be due to of a body that’s lacking in nourishment. By flushing our system with water, we raise waste disposal, enhance bowel movements and hydrate the cells of our skin. By doing so, we speed up the procedure, flushing away the waste which enables the entire body to heal and regenerate better.

The benefits? Lovely clear, glowing skin.

9. Helps your Immune System

Water help the immune system, giving it the fuel do its job efficiently. What this means is that we can fight off sickness and diseases.

10. Relieves Fatigue

Feeling exhausted very often? There’s a higher chance that it may be because of inadequate water intake that’s making your body function less efficiently. Exhaustion is among the first indications of dehydration.

If you find less water in your body, there’s a fall of blood quantity that causes one’s heart to work harder to push oxygenated blood out within the system, along with the other areas performing inefficiently. Hence, adequate water might help the body function better and decrease fatigue.

11. Regulates body temperature

Sufficient water in your body also helps control body heat. The thermal qualities of water and its abilities to release heat from the body helps maintain a balance in the body temperature.

A well-controlled body temperature will also cause you to experience more lively when exercising.

12. Fights bad breath

Bad breath clearly tells you that your body needs water. Water retains your-mouth damp and wipes away food contaminants and microorganisms. Further, it dilutes the smelly substances that common microorganisms produce.

Therefore, take adequate water as well as wash the mouth area with water, particularly after having meals.

Final Words

Water is definitely a wonder. Most of the livings on earth are made up of a larger percent of water. Water fights against sickness, enhances complexion, fosters our energy and keeps us sharp.

My advice to you would be to drink upon awakening and after that always drink through the entire day. Avoid drinking in between meals and drink as much as you can as soon as you wake up to reap its full benefits.

To obtain the health advantages of water, ensure that you drink filtered water. Along with water, consider more fluids and consume more vegetables and fruit that are rich in water content.

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