Motivate yourself to Lose weight and how walking can help you to lose weight

Weight loss continues to be the hottest topic on the internet due to increasing obesity issues. As with this digital world, it’s too common to search about weight loss rather than actually doing it. People focus on fast food ignoring the nutritional value of it.

The sad truth is when you ask an average person ‘salad or hamburger?’ you know the response. People take various measures to lose weight, but are they really enjoying it and are those activities helping them in losing weight? The answer is quite uncertain.

Okay, with all these weight loss issues, is there an easy and quick way to burn calories? The answer is definitely yes.

Do Something

What most people tend to forget is the core; the “actually doing” part of every exercise, diet plan and weight loss plan. It is an excellent thing that you’re reading about fitness and health. However, it will be a better if you’re able to discover a way to actually move yourself to make a move about it. You always have the option to begin by trying out a diet guide or an exercise plan for no less than a month.

Occasionally a month is enough to see results in your exercise plan if you’re serious about it. Since there’s absolutely no shortcut to fitness considerably more what matters is that you just invest time in a plan of your choice for fat loss. If you don’t like your plan, switch it another. Don’t waste time on something you really hate. Its time you make use of plenty of information on the internet.

Tips for Weight Loss

Here are a few quick tips for your weight loss journey.

1.    Lower Sugar Intake

The principal reason for obesity is excessive sugar consumption. I’m not talking about that one tbsp. of sugar, you literally add. But the hidden sugar in almost all the food you take is what makes you consume excessive sugar.

According to studies, the prescribed maximum sugar is 38g per day but on an average 74g per day is taken. That’s almost twice the maximum.

2.    Avoid processed food

This doesn’t even require an explanation. It’s a common fact that all of us know. Processed food are unhealthy; they give our body more negativity.

3. Go Natural

There’s no simple method to slim down. However, there’s an easy way; to change your eating habits. Eat for function, rather than pleasure. One good example is when you are in need of a quick bite. Would you choose a banana or a bag of chips? You know which one to pick. Go natural.

Lose Weight by just walking

Can you lose weight just by walking? The answer is absolutely yes. We have almost forgotten the fact we advanced from hunters to desk jobs. Today, I’m here to describe the best way to get the most from your walking routine for fat loss.

The basics of walking for weight loss

Basically, in the event you would like to slim down you must expend a lot more calories than you actually consume. To start with, calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). When you consume less than your TDEE, your excessive fat burns off to get the additional energy it wants.

To burn 1 pounds, you should really have a deficit of 3500 calories. You’ll lose 1 pound weekly if you remove 500 calories a day out of your diet plan.

Exercise makes weight loss easier

As cutting out an excessive amount of food can leave you starving. Fortunately, there’s an easy method to actually make the dieting process less painful. Eat less and work to burn that less you eat. By doing so, you really get to consume more although you’ll lose 1 pound per week. For example, rather than eating 500 calories per day, eat 300 calories and burn down the 300 calories.

If you’re totally out of form, don’t stress. Start slow, start by walking. It burns 100 calories every mile you walk. If you’re heavier, you’ll burn more calories when you walk because it takes more energy to move more mass. Eventually, you’ll notice the results.

Make walking part of your routine

With walking a mile, the only problem is the timeframe it takes, especially when you’re not that fit. It will take about a quarter-hour to walk 1 mile at a leisurely speed. Walk further if losing weight is your goal. Bring walking to your lifestyle. If it’s a short journey, walk instead of taking your car. You’ll burn more calories along with saving a bit of money on parking fees too.

Other health benefits

Walking has many other health benefits besides losing pounds. You don’t need to do extreme workout to improve your heart and lung fitness. Other reasons why you should start walking are;

•    It reduces risk of osteoporosis and keeps your bones healthy

•    It releases endorphins which enhance your disposition

•    Helps with high blood pressure, muscle stiffness, joint pain, high cholesterol and diabetes

•    Improves endurance and muscle strength

The best way to get more out of your walk

Once you start to walk, your body will eventually get used to it. By the time you get used to it, you’d have lost several pounds. To up your calorie burn, walk at a high pace. This will help you save some time as well. For those who have time, you can even begin including hills in your path and walk longer distances.

Tricks to keep it fascinating

Walking in circles around the block is tiresome, and you’ll end up stopping in the event if you don’t find ways to make it enjoyable. Here are a few ideas:

•    Find a route with fascinating scene, e.g. shore, riverside, park.

•    Get a fitness or pedometer to monitor your walks – attempt to beat your personal records.

•    Get a fitness app to track your records.

•    Take different times of day – morning and evening.


If you are really out of shape and have medical conditions like knee problems, seek medical advice before beginning a walking routine. Walking is obviously a low-impact exercise and safe for many people but for those with a lot of weight may find swimming easier as it puts less pressure on the body.

From walking 30 minutes a day don’t anticipate weight loss. As it pertains to losing fat, the primary factor is the diet. You can lose 250 calories by walking for 30 minutes and easily gain that by eating chocolate in less than a minute. So watch your diet along with exercising.

In case your local area is dangerous or has lousy weather, you can nevertheless reap the benefits of walking.  Join a health club and make use of a treadmill.


Just get started. Motivate yourself and work on what you have chosen for your weight loss journey. It could be even simple as cutting on your sugar intake or walking. Walking is a healthy habit that people should add to your lifestyle. Even in the event, you are in the right shape, getting into the habit of walking reaps many benefits.

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