The power of Positivity on your Health and Positive Thinking Tips

There are two kinds of thinking or let it put it this way; two types of person.

Kind 1 – “Omg! This is Tiring!”

Kind 2 – “Wow! Something new!”

Which kind of personality are you? How do you handle situations? There are essentially two types of individuals; positive thinkers and negative thinkers. Are you aware that negative thinkers often get more health problems than positive thinkers? Yeah, that’s a fact. Positive thinking can not only improve your overall health but has a significant impact on your life.

So today, let’s turn our attention to the effect of both negative and positive thinking. I’m sure I’ll convince you to have a positive way towards life. Keep reading.

The Effect of Negativity

Negative thoughts are kind of habit. Once you start thinking negatively, It is simple to keep on filling your head with negative thoughts one after the other. But as you go scroll down reading, you’d realise it’s the worst thing you could do to your wellbeing!

Negativity brings more Depression

A study has unearthed that negatively doesn’t bring any good to you; it only worsens your depression. The negative thoughts lead to more depression, resulting it weakening your attempts to fight depression.

Negativity Reduces Your Cognitive Function

 According to the experiment published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology in 2006, individuals were split into non-worriers and worriers.

Both groups were given categorization tasks. When things they were categorising were certainly members of just one class, both groups performed equally well. But when the ambiguity of the things’ groups increases, the performance from the worrier group started to decline.

Another study discovered that performance increased as negative thoughts increased. For this, both groups were given the same tasks as before and asked to either “relax” or “worry”. The “non-worrier” group performed poorly after 15 minutes of worrying while the “worrier” group performed well than their opposing party even though they were previously “worrier” group.

What can you understand by this? Negative thoughts affect your cognitive function poorly!

Pain worsens Negativity

A study has found that negative thoughts worsen your pain. 185 individuals suffering from sickle cell anaemia, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain were examined to see how their thoughts affected their pain.

People who thought negatively and had a plenty of negative self-talk reported more pain along with greater emotional distress. 

And those patients suffering from chronic pain reported having more negative thoughts during severe outbreaks than those people suffering from occasional pain from sickle-cell anaemia and arthritis.

As you can observe, negative ideas may be brought on by pain, but negative thinking will only make the pain worse!

Symptoms of Negativity

Negative thinking that results in anxiety can cause a mess in your body. The following symptoms may place in when your anxiety and worries turn into stress:

Physical Symptoms:

•    Headaches

•    Chest pains

•    Sleep problems and insomnia

•    Muscle tension

•    Digestive problems

•    Fatigue

•    Muscle pain

Behavioural Symptoms:

•    Social withdrawal

•    Outbursts of anger

•    Abuse of alcohol and/or drugs

•    Tobacco/nicotine use

•    Change in appetite (overeating or undereating)

Emotional Symptoms:

•    Mood changes

•    Lack of focus and motivation

•    Restlessness

•    Irritability and anger

•    Depression or sadness

•    Anxiety

As you can observe, anxiety and negative thinking really can mess together with your health; therefore it is time to modify your mindset and fill yourself with positive thoughts.

Positive Thinking – An Approach to Challenges

Positive thinking is not all about looking the bright side for all the bad happenings to you. But its way of approaching whatever life throws at you. Positive thinking is a way of facing the life challenges. It’s a way of thinking of “how can I make the best out of this situation?”

Benefits of Positive Thinking

There is certainly a surprising quantity of benefits provided by positive thinking, and what’s more surprising is the effect of positive thinking on your health.

Improve Immunity

Were you aware that anxiety can lower the body’s natural immunity? Positive thinking helps to resist with pressure, thus preventing it from hurting your immune system. The truth is, positive thinking has in fact been discovered to improve the body’s power to fight off disease.

Enhance Heart Health

You know all the hard work your heart does. Considering all these, both anxiety and stress can affect your heart. However positive thoughts can reduce the danger of cardiovascular disease. Those who believe favourably often work out more eats healthier and lives happily.

Fight Diseases

Pressure often leads to a variety of health conditions as you read previously. Not only stress causes many health conditions but it can worsen the situation a lot more. Positive thinking can help handle anxiety, thus preventing an extensive array of health concerns!

Improve Resilience

Thinking positive makes it possible to be resistant, helping one to bounce from serious or traumatic encounters.

Extend Lifespan

A study by the University of London discovered that people who grow with positive thoughts, age healthier. What this means is that they endured lesser physical and mental health problems as they grew old.

Tolerate Pain

As you already know that negativity and stress cause lower pain. In addition to that, pain helps you bear it better.

Makes You Fitter

People with positive thoughts, tend to do more exercise, eat better, love their hobbies, more social and live a better life overall.

Prevents Hypertension

High blood pressure causes heart problems, the number one cause of death worldwide today. Positive thinking continues to be proven to lower blood pressure, thus avoiding the threat of hypertension as well as other heart issues. Stress continues to be linked to heart troubles, so positivity is the primary element into a healthy heart!

Emotional Benefits of Positive Thinking

All those benefits listed above are with regards to physical health. However, you’ll find many more emotional benefits of positive health.

Cope with issues better

 For those who are in possession of an optimistic outlook on the issues you confront, they will be easier to handle and conquer.

Love your Life

When you take everything positively, you start to fall in love with your life. What’s better than that?

Develop Positive Habits

By being positive, you are kept apart from bad things like smoking, overeating, taking medications, and over drinking.

Increase your self-esteem

When you enter the practice of thinking positively about situations around you, you’ll shortly be in the practice of being confident about yourself.

Healthy relationships

Positive thinking will not only bring changes in you but in the way you look at others, which will help you form healthy relationships.

The reality is the fact that positive thinking is among the most effective things you can do for not only your physical well-being but your mental well-being at the same time!

 The Best Way to Change Negative Thoughts to Positive Thoughts

Are you the kind of person who suffers from long term negativity? Are you filled with “can’t”? If so, now is the time to change your thoughts for the sake of your health.

I know, it’s not going to be easy, but slowly and steadily you can do it. Here are few ways to change your negativity into positivity.

Smile More Often

Were you aware that smiling has been proved to enhance your mood and thinking patterns? The muscles in your brow are linked to the emotional centre of your brain, and creasing them in a frown can cause you to get moody and depressed. Smiling, on the flip side, sends positive, joyful thoughts to your head. Enter the practice of smiling more, and you’re going to be happier all around!

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation will allow you to with the way of thinking. Too many negative thoughts? Make a conscious attempt to replace those thoughts into positivity.

Replace your thoughts

Make a conscious attempt to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Do this challenge, whenever you confront a negative thought, replace that with two or more positive thoughts and eventually, it will become a habit.

You’re the Director of your Life

As an alternative to whining when you discover yourself in scenarios that are negative, take control and do not permit it to occur. Be mindful about your choices in life.

Fill with positive people

Hang around with people who see the bright side of life. Do not fill your life with negative people. Remember the people you get along with having a direct impact on your life.

Help someone

Start helping someone with their problems. Not only you’ll have the satisfaction of bringing happiness to someone’s life, but you’ll also realise your problems are a lot better than theirs.


Just as you should surround yourself with people that are positive, it’s also advisable to read positivity-strengthening contents, quotations, and publications.

Make a List

Stressed or worry about something, or have negative ideas harassing the mind? As an alternative to giving into the worries, list what exactly which you need to be glad about or favourable.

The reality is the fact that positive thinking will boost your daily life in EACH AND EVERY MANNER; therefore it is time to begin replacing your negative ideas with positive ones. Every time you start thinking negatively, remind yourself “you’re not going that way.”

It’s going to be tough at the beginning to fill yourself with positive thoughts if you a chronic negative thinker. However, if you keep your struggle going, you’ll eventually improve. Happy Positive Thinking!!

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