How to improve Blood Circulation Naturally?

You feel that your feet and your hands are freezing cold – even during warm days? Poor blood flow is most likely the issue that describes you.

Don’t stress; there are a lot of ways to find a cure without resorting to prescription drugs (in severe cases, you can’t escape them) little lifestyle changes like the ones mentioned below can bring drastic changes in your health.

What is blood circulation?

Like respiration, blood circulation happens without us even noticing it. Our blood travels through the vessels to provide oxygen and nutrients to every single part of our body.

What causes poor blood circulation?

Many variables can lead to poor circulation. An unhealthy diet causes accumulation of obstructing the inside of your arteries and blocking off the vessel entirely. Smoking and overweight also place additional pressure onto out heart.

If you are to stand on your feet all day, the blood flow is hindered. Gravitation causes blood to collect in your lower body, depriving other systems of nutrients and oxygen. Furthermore, there are some serious illnesses which cause poor circulation like low or high blood pressure, heart issues, and varicose veins.

What are the symptoms of poor blood circulation?

So how do you know if you are suffering from poor blood circulation? The common symptom is a lack of blood flow to a particular region. Other symptoms include;

•    Dizziness

•    Spider veins

•    Leg swelling

•    Cold hands and feet

9 Tips to Improve Your Blood Circulation Naturally

1. Exercise regularly

An excellent solution to provide your circulation a small push would be to work out. I’m certain you’re comfortable with the feeling of your heart beating while working out. Well, this can be just the effect we desire as it pertains to enhancing blood flow. Exercise pushes the blood to all parts of the body. Further, the muscle movements also aid blood to move. Plan to get at least half an hour of exercise every day.

2. Improve your diet

A diet that is poor is the key cause for poor blood flow. In case your diet is full of sugar, fat and salt, a material called “plaque” will begin to show up on the inside of your arteries. That makes it more difficult for blood and your vessels can at the end to hinder the blood flow causing stroke and heart attack.

Antioxidant vitamins like C, A and E prevent plaque deposits. Ensure that your diet contains tuna, liver, citrus fruits, avocados, almonds, egg yolks and sunflower oil.


When an area is massaged, you stimulate blood circulation to that region. You don’t need to visit a costly spa because of this; it’s simple to do at home.

It’s possible for you to use your hands and massage essential oils diluted with a carrier oil.

4. Natural remedies

There are numerous herbal and natural treatments out there that promise to enhance circulation. Some of them are garlic, ginger and so on. All these are simple to add to your daily diet.

6. Drink water

As the volume of your blood reduces in the event you happen to be dehydrated, you may begin to spot the outward indications of poor blood flow. Fainting and dizziness occur because of decreased blood supply to your brain.

As we lose liquid from perspiration, have water during and following exercise. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, as both possess a dehydrating effect. (Source)

Quit smoking

Smoking can damage the blood circulatory causing difficulty in circulating the blood throughout the body. It may increase the stress that the moving blood may put on the artery walls. This could eventually increase blood pressure.

Smoking can also be led towards the narrowing of the arteries which will keep the blood from moving quickly as it should. Not just that, smoking causes the blood stickier. Yuck!

The results of smoking may also contain decreased blood circulation to feet and fingertips. General, smoking may reduce blood flow in most of the limbs.

Smoking causes your vessels close up, which makes it quite difficult for blood to flow and to tighten. The great news is this effect can be easily reversed within hours of not smoking

Eat more Nuts

Nuts include significant degrees of antioxidants and power-improving protein, especially walnuts and almonds. They can help enhance flow and defend against more severe types of circulatory illness by lowering irritation and oxidative injury within the veins. Take them in their natural form to gain the optimum health advantages.

Raise your legs

This isn’t merely a great way to straight enhance flow however it also may help one to relax. It instantly seems great the moment we raise our legs since it removes the stress off the veins within the thighs. Raising your legs may clear the veins and reduce the stress from the body vessels.

Legs usually ought to be raised above one’s heart degree to enhance blood flow. This might also help to reduce swelling in the legs. The thighs ought to be raised for around twenty minutes. Do that occasionally during the day. It’s also advisable to turn the feet and shake your feet while your legs are raised to assist with the flow.

Lower Coffee within the Diet

Though some study has suggested that reasonable levels of coffee might enhance cardiovascular wellness, it’s certainly not accurate for several kinds of beverages which have caffeine. Coffee might have a dehydrating impact on our body. It’s important to watch our caffeine intake as remaining hydrated improve the blood circulation. Sweet beverages commonly are not advantageous to our general health. It’s best to avoid both caffeinated and sugary drinking if you want to improve your blood flow.

When to see a physician

There are a great number of options to enhance your blood circulation at home but when the condition is out of control, it’s always best to see a specialist physician. If you feel these warning signs, please DO SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE.

Skin tinted blue

Slow healing of wounds

Symptoms that don’t go way

Conclusion I believe this post must have given you some useful tips to boost your blood circulation. I’d like to know for those who have some other tips on the best way to enhance your blood circular

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